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JW1 series marine universal circuit breaker

JW1 series marine universal circuit breaker, suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage to AC690V and below, rated current 400A-6300A in the distribution network, used to distribute electric energy and protect lines and power equipment from overload, undervoltage, Short circuit, single-phase grounding and other fault hazards, the circuit breaker has intelligent protection function, has high-precision selective protection, and improves the reliability of power supply. At the same time, it has a standard RS485 communication interface, which can perform four remote functions of "telemetry", "remote communication", "remote control" and "remote adjustment" to meet the requirements of cluster control centers and automation systems.

This series of circuit breakers has the characteristics of compact structure, high breaking capacity and no arcing distance. The circuit breaker can be used as an isolating switch without an intelligent release and sensor, marked as image.png.

The circuit breakers comply with GB/T14048.2 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment circuit breakers" and IEC60947-2 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment circuit breakers" and other standards.