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ZBW□-12 prefabricated box-type substation (American style)

ZBW□-12 prefabricated box-type substation (American style) is a domestic American-style substation produced by our company. As an important power supply unit in the cabled distribution network, this product is a complete set of pre-installed products integrating high-voltage control, protection, substation, and power distribution equipment, and is widely used in urban and rural distribution networks.

This product places the high-voltage load switch and high-voltage fuse in the transformer oil, and has two structural forms of co-boxing or sub-boxing with the transformer body. The fuel tank adopts a fully sealed structure and is equipped with an oil temperature gauge, an oil level gauge and a pressure gauge. Pressure relief valve, oil drain valve and other components to monitor transformer operating conditions. The product is divided into ring network type, terminal type and dual power supply type. In order to make this product more suitable for the actual requirements of my country's power grid, the company has introduced a plug-in dry fuse, the fuse does not affect the performance of the transformer oil. According to the complexity of low-voltage feed-out requirements, ZBW□-12 products are divided into three types of shells: standard type, reinforced type and comprehensive type, so that users and design units can be more flexible and economical when selecting models.